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About Us

How do you purchase an item? 

Depending on the price and what the specific product is, a likely scenario would be as follows.  You decide you have a need for an item.  You search for a product that will fill that need.  This may include talking with people or going to sites where you can get information to better narrow down your search.  After you've spent some time reviewing all the relevant information you make a decision to purchase product a.  This brings us to the next portion of your journey, where to buy it.  We all have our own reasons for making a purchase at a specific location; convenience, price, previous purchase, customer service, availability, post sale support, speed, trust, who benefits (ie local) and etc. 

If you already know where and why to purchase from you're in luck.

For the rest of us we go back to Google and begin our search.  This search will likely take us to each sight on the first page maybe including the adds as well.  We may even go to Facebook to make a post asking our friends' thoughts or to a couple group pages for input.  Why do we spend so much time looking at different offers.  We are looking for that particular site or offer that speaks to us, catches our attention more than the others.  Often that offer is directly related to price.  So you scour the internet for the lowest price tag, Boom done.  But after you hit that buy button you realize that lowest price tag doesn't mean the best value.  This place saves you $80, but they don't offer free shipping and/or takes 2 weeks to arrive, when it does you notice it's not in normal Retail packaging (white box) or has restrictions of returns.  In frustration in you just buy it from a well known name and hope for the best or you get in the car and drive to a brick and mortar store. 

So why isn't it as easy as just finding the cheapest price tag and clicking the buy button?  To answer that you need to have some information on what type of store you're buying from.

There are two main categories of online stores and each can effect your experience.  One is more like a traditional brick and mortar store lets call them Traditional, the other is a drop ship model. 
1) Traditional sites will purchase their inventory then warehouse it until you purchase it.  This model is often viewed to have a higher trust, knowledge and customer service since they have the inventory and can simply pull it off the shelf and take a look at it or ship it.  But buying the product upfront creates risk and expense.  They run a risk of the product not selling well.  Warehousing inventory is one of the largest expenses a traditional company has.  So that risk and expense is passed on to you. 
2)Drop shipper models often are viewed of only being in it for large profits, not having product knowledge, less trustworthiness and problems with timely delivery.  After all they don't have the item in their control and since they don't have money invested it doesn't cost them anything if their service isn't as spectacular and the item doesn't sell.  Spend a couple minutes reading reviews online and you can see why.  This has created kind of a hybrid model where a third party brings a certain level of control, transparency, and trust like Amazon.  But this is at a price by way of commission that is often times passed on to you.

Why is this Relevant?

I tell you this because I want you to know where we lay on this playing field.  And that I have experienced the good and bad from both of these models.  That is why I want to offer you something better.  For the vast majority of my products I drop ship.  I do this because I want to offer you the absolute lowest price tag I can.  Drop shipping keeps my costs down so I can offer you a substantially better deal.  I keep the negatives of drop shipping to minimum by spending a lot of time creating relationships with multiple suppliers and staying in constant communication with their sales reps.  My inventory is at a minimum checked  and updated daily to reflect what I can immediately ship to you once purchased.  Any problems that occur with shipping or the product is handled by me and my customer service to quickly correct them so you aren't waiting for days on a dispute decision.  I am constantly researching and using new products so I can provide you with the best real world information when asked. 

My goal is to offer you the best outright prices you will find anywhere with all the positives of your local hometown sporting goods store. 

Due to manufacturer restrictions on certain products how I pass those saving on to you will vary.  Some will be listed outright, others will have to added to the cart to see the price and others will have to be purchased at list price and visa gift card will be mailed to you immediately upon purchase.  All pricing variances will be clearly marked on the product description.  I do apologize about this  confusion, but this is the only way I can continue to offer these prices.  If you have any questions or comments please get a hold of me here